“Paashi” Himachal Short Film-Oscar Qualifying Check Story and other Detail

By | July 31, 2017

Here is the proud mount for the Himachal Pradesh People and also for the Indian.The Himachali short film “PAASHI” is just a point away to nominated for the Oscar Award.The filmmaker Mr. Siddharth Chauhan’s short film ‘Pashi’ has been selected for the Rhode Island International Film Festival.The Rhode Island International Film Festival is the most famous film festival because the selected films are qualified for the Oscar.Simply this festival is the Oscar qualifying film festival.Check the star Cast, story,documentation and the other detail of the movie.

If the film “PAASHI” wins an award at this festival,it will be directly nominated for the world’s most prestigious Awards; The Academy Awards for the Best Short Film: also known as the OSCARS!!!

Rhode Island International Film Festival to be held in the United States in August 2017.The film is produced under the Secret Corridor Picture.A short firl of Siddharth Chauhan name “PAPA” has won Satyajit Ray Short film award at London Indian film festival recently,yet this is the biggest achievement of his career.But now he has made it to ‘Oscar Qualifying Film Festival’ for his latest film: PASHI.

Story of PAASHI

The story is about a young boy (Chetan), who learns about the hunting technique from his old grandmother (Savitri) and starts practising it. His friend (John) encourages him while his mother is worried about his future. Pashi words are words of Himachal mountain People language. In ancient times these traps were used to hunt in the forests.That is to catch any hazardous wild animal, it was put to the roof. There are still some uses in remote areas of Rohdu Tahsil.In the upper Himachal the use of the Paashi word is common.

“Paashi” Himachal Short Film-Oscar Qualifying Check Story and other Detail



In this 30-minute short film, the scenes of village Rohdu in remote area of ​​Shimla are shown in this film.It is the most beautiful film of Sidharth Chauhan.

Main Star Cast

  • चेतन कनवर
  • जॉन नेगी
  • कमायणी विष्ठ
  • सावित्री देवी सुंटा

Supported Roll

  • देवांश कनवर
  • अदिति सुंटा देव रांटा

The short film was shot in  “Dhanoti Khawavan” village of Rohru in Shimla(Himachal Pradesh).Other characters in the film also make the story interesting.Pasha is a kind of trap. To catch the bird, the mountainous people plant it in the forests.

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