Best Children’s Day Speech 14 November [Hindi & English] Unique Style Full PDF check here

By | November 12, 2017

Best Children’s Day Speech: Here we are provides the best Children Day speech for the Teacher and also for the children.As you all know that In India the children’s day celebrates in the month of November,14th. Now for this year we provides you the saltest and the unique style for the speech on Children’s Day. You can check here and also modify with your own method. The speech we provide in the both languages and both are of different style.One is of Hindi Language and other is English language.Lets Check Here full speech…

Best Children’s Day Speech

Things to remember on Presenting the Best Children’s Day Speech

-First of all wish to everyone.Also with for the morning/afternoon/Evening.

-Introduce Yourself and and also welcome the audience, teachers and the Principle(or other Guest)

-Introduce your topics and their benefits.

-Be Confident at the time of present as yourself on speech.

-Do not look at the paper, remember the speech it will looks better and if their is any competition then it will beneficial for you.

-Well Dress Up.

-Well maintained time on speech.The speech is no too much long and also not short.

-Use meaningful sentences.Do not use any line they are not described your topics.

-Thanks to all of then at the end of speech.

Best Children’s Day Speech

Best Children’s Day Speech:English Speech for the Children’s Day Speech 14 November

Good morning to the all gathering, respected principal, teachers and my dear fellow mates, today we are gather here for celebrating the special occasion,the Children’s Day! .The children day celebrates in memorable to the most lovable and the country’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru .Today.Mr. Nehru also known as the Chacha Nehru.On 14th November 2017, the birthday of chacha nehru, this is celebrate because of the love for their children.(We are Celebrating children in schools and educational institutions, at homes, and in families is our way of honouring Chacha Nehru).

The children of the nation become the next prime Minister of India, Children become the next miss Universe, or may be next Einstein or become an engineer. A child is like some good music in life, a life of sorrow, and the wave of ocean. Children’s day is celebrated all over the world to cherish and adore the innocence of a child, to make them feel special for their role in the world. A teacher proud their students, parents proud their child.we have also proud yourself.Out first prime minister was a man of high ideas, he believed that there is no difference between a girl child and a boy child. Nowday’s this thinking is in the every parents that no difference between the child as a girl or a boy.We have to proud both of them.

We are in the 20th century but still ss we all know today no one is safe enough in this century of rapidly growing crime. Children are the most vulnerable as they can be hindered very easily, social evils like drugs, child abuse, alcohol, child labour, violence, sex, etc are some black birds always flying in the sky above us.Child are addict to them.

They are miss used by sinful adults for earning penny amount of money, they are often the orphan children who are pushed in to begging business or pity crimes of sealing and looting, these children stay deprived of the childhood they dissever, stay away from love and care.

I conclude by once again extending my warmest greetings and wishes on Children’s Day. Let us celebrate the day with joy.Thank you.Happy Children Day.

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