Jio Cab {The Reliance JIO Launch Cab in India}

By | April 11, 2017

JIO: The jio world everyone in India know this word very world. As you all know that the telecom sector will completely changed after the launching of Jio sim.The Jio Cab it will be more excited after the jio sim.From insider of jio: it will be launching soon, there are lot of offer in the jio cab.The customer as well as the driver are excited for launching the jio Cab.The Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has plans to launch taxi service as early as this year and has ordered approximately 600 cars to kick start the service.The taxi are on app base.Now in India Ola and Uber are the major app based taxi services.

Jio Cab {The Reliance JIO Launch Cab in India} 

The Jio Cab:Another reporting from the jio Spokesperson tweeted that the report is ‘Wrong and Denied’. Another official explained that Reliance has no plans to get into unrelated diversification. Reliance has plans to get into strategic partnership with Uber. The partnership will allow Uber customers to pay fares via Jio wallet. That is all the plan Jio has, to enable Uber commuter to pay through JioMoney.

Also,the Jio DTH was a big news.India wait for the upcoming offer and announcement from the jio.Jio change the telecom sector and also changes the India for making the India in the Digital Side.

Mainly,the fully confirmation of the Jio Cab started or not it will be informed by the reliance Spokesperson or the  Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio. For full confirmation we have to wait for the future.But if the Jio Cab comes true the business of the another can company likes Uber and the Ola were back step.we will wait for the Jio Cab..For more information stay tune with we provide fulll information about the new announcement  of the Jio.


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